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Our Essential Copenhagen Bike Tour provides you with a great overview and will take you to exceptional places, hidden gems and ‘real-life’ neighbourhoods.

Learn first hand about the cycling culture and city planning of the most liveable city in the world.

Your guide will share professional insights as well as personal perspectives on the Copenhagen way of life.

What to expect:

  • World’s best urban cycling experience
  • A short-cut to a local’s true Copenhagen
  • World-class contemporary architecture
  • Deep insight and broad expertise
  • A ride through ‘democratic urbanism’

“Such a great way to see the city! Danish architecture is amazing but hearing the stories and thought behind the process was fantastic. […]
Amazing experience, would recommend to anyone curious about architecture or Danish culture or just wanting to ride around in the most bike friendly place on earth!”

Spencer, Chicago, US

Where we’ll go:

Starting from the central city the route will take you to places such as:

  • The Parliament Area
  • Bymilen urban park
  • Revitalised harbourfront
  • City Hall Square
  • Nørrebro
  • Mærsk Tower
  • Dronning Louise‘s Bridge
  • Ny Nørreport Station
  • … and more

Your guides on the tour are:

Alice Lempel Søndergaard

Alice has a degree in philosophy and modern culture and has worked with communication within urban planning at a strategic level.

She has a profound interest in how our built environment and city planning are influencing everyday life in the city.

Asser Munch

Asser is an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen.

He has a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, and later as a building architect on smaller, very diverse projects.

Since 2020 Asser is studying construction engineering at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

You can read more on his blog:

Occasionally, on busy days, we make use of freelance architect guides, who are also professionals from the building and planning industry.

Small group size

We treasure the personal connection and the opportunity to exchange views and experiences along the way. Our maximum group size is 10.

It’s not a fitness session, but all participants should be fairly experienced on a bike and fairly comfortable in traffic. The pace is comfortable and we make plenty of stops.

The tour is suitable from 12 years up, the route mainly follows bike routes, and avoids heavy car traffic.

For someone new on a bike or uncomfortable on the bike lanes, we’ll be happy to offer a custom tour at a slower pace, choosing quieter routes. Please let us know at

Bikes and equipment

On this tour, you can choose between a cool STRiDA design folding bike or a traditional bike.

The STRIDA is a real urban eye candy – and a great ride!

Our Danish Winther high-quality bikes offer a classy, traditional biking experience. We have different sizes, and the seats are adjustable.

Optional helmets are included as well as a bottle of tap water that we bring on the tour.

Can I take my kids?

Yes! Cycling is a great family activity and much more kid-friendly than bus and boat tours.

BUT (important!): since we don’t know your kids and their skills on a bike, they will ALWAYS join on the responsibility and supervision of their parents. Helmets are included and recommended for all kids.

If any kids are younger than 12 (or small for their age), we’ll need to know. Please leave a note in the booking procedure, or write us an email at

Corona / Covid-19 status:

Denmark has liftet all Covid restrictions and we’re up to speed!

We will, of course, still take precautions to offer a safe experience.


  • As always, our bike tours are, obviously, outdoors, and we only run small group tours and private tours.
  • The maximum group size on our public tours is 10 persons + the guide.

Furthermore, we apply best practices to reduce the risk of infection:

  • All members of our team are fully vaccinated
  • We offer hand gel sanitiser
  • We disinfect surfaces, door handles etc.
  • We clean and wipe off bikes
  • We steam clean helmets after every use

And, of course, we rely on our guests to also behave responsibly, keep a distance, not shake hands etc.

Plan your trip and secure your spots

Travelling plans are uncertain for months to come, therefore, we offer:

  • Full refund until 72 hours before the tour

If you have any concerns, please contact us by writing to

Ticket type

Adult, Child u/18