Essential Copenhagen
bike tour /2h

This 2 hour Essential Copenhagen bike tour shows bike lanes, narrow streets, bike bridges, history and present with frequent stops at unique landmarks.


Essential Copenhagen bike tour

Essential Copenhagen bike tour Copenhagen bike tour ChristianshavnThe one definitive MUST-do in Copenhagen is cycling! The Essential Copenhagen bike tour presents you with the most important aspects of where you are.

Cyclists are the ultimate pulse of Copenhagen. So join the flow on the famous bike lanes and experience the narrow streets, bike bridges and the recently redeveloped inner harbour area with frequent stops at unique landmarks. Such as:

  • Copenhagen bike tour Circle Bike BridgebeCopenhagen bike tour narrow streetsChristiansborg (parliament)
  • the Black Diamond (royal library)
  • world-class architecture 
  • the bike Circle Bridge
  • maritime and cosy Christianshavn
  • redeveloped harbour areas
  • and much more

beCopenhagen bike tour harbour swimming pool

Your local guide will introduce you to the vibrant urban life, bike infrastructure, architecture, local food, shopping and current cultural events.

Bring your kids

Bring your kids on a Copenhagen bike tourCopenhagen bike tour Christiania family cargo bikeBiking is a great family activity. We offer a limited number of various bike sizes, and smaller kids can join in our Christiania ‘family bike’, a cargo bike with benches for up to four smaller kids.

Helmets are included and recommended for all kids.

bike with child seat for smaller kids on our Copenhagen bike tours

Christiania cargo bike for smaller kids on our Copenhagen bike tours

If you book tickets for kids younger than 12 (or small for their age), we’ll need to know. Please leave a note in the booking procedure, or write us an email.

Check out our brief FAQ on the topic.


Small group size

We ride in small groups and treasure the personal connection and the opportunity to exchange views and experiences along the way.

The pace is comfortable and the distance is approximately 10 km, so anyone can enjoy it.

Your guide knows the city from within and shares his/her personal version with you, including activities and experiences for the rest of your stay in Copenhagen.

The bikes

beCopenhagen bike tour STRiDAOn this tour, we each ride a cool STRiDA design folding bike. A real urban eye-candy – and a great ride!

Optional helmets are included as well as a drink of water that we bring on the tour.

If you would like a private tour for you and your colleagues/friends/family, please make contact at


Neighbourhoods of Copenhagen bike tour downtown loungeStart and stop is at the beCopenhagen basecamp, Fortunstræde 1, 1065 Copenhagen. Here you can store luggage during your tour and rest with a cold soft drink after while using our free WiFi and charging your phone/device.

How to find us.

The tour is suitable from 12 years up, the route mainly follows bike routes, and avoids heavy car traffic. Helmets are optional and included in the price.

You can find additional and practical information at our FAQ-page.

Additional information

Ticket type

Adult, Child u/18