Guided tours

[…] When we finished the tour, we truly felt we had a good feel of Copenhagen and some of its wide variety of neighborhoods.
Our guide gave us some great suggestions of where else to explore on our own. He was right, the Little Mermaid is overrated. […]

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July 2017

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  • Essential Copen…
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  • Copenhagen dive…
  • Essential Copen…
  • Contemporary ar…

Rent bikes

Not just bike rental…

Rent a bike city mapWhen you rent a bike from us, renting includes:

  • optional helmet
  • bike lock
  • bike lights
  • city map with bike routes
  • advice on where to go to get the most of your time

beCopenhagen was a wonderful find!
Renting a bike truly transformed our visit to Copenhagen, and allowed us to explore beyond the historic city center. We covered so much more ground than we could have on foot. The gentleman who helped us was kind, generous, and helpful with tips and suggested routes. Highly recommend.
Many thanks!

Alice & Suzanne, TripAdvisor

Rent a bike loungePickup and return is at the beCopenhagen basecamp, Fortunstræde 1, 1065 Copenhagen, where you can get personal tips for great routes, you can store luggage during your tour, and rest with a cold soft drink after, while using our free WiFi and charging your phone/device.

How to find us.

About beCopenhagen sightseeing & bikes

About beCopenhagen – sightseeing & bikes

What we do – our mission

beCopenhagen is unique sightseeing and events – explorations in our very own beautiful Copenhagen.

Our mission is to share the city that we know by heart from our own personal perspective. As locals we focus on matters that have an actual impact on everyday life in the present (and less on history and trivia), such as:

  • livability,
  • urban life,
  • architecture,
  • cycling culture,
  • Nordic cuisine,
  • vibrant nightlife,
  • urban development,
  • sustainability,
  • and more.

beCopenhagen essential Copenhagen bike tourCopenhagen by me-mover beCopenhagen#offroad #sightseeing around the lakes of #copenhagen in #octoberweather :)beCopenhagen tour

These are matters that contribute to the worlds best quality of life. And they are matters we as locals find the most important and unique to Copenhagen. They may have caught some international media attention, but haven’t made it to the typical tourist guides and tours before, and therefore in large go unnoticed by first time visitors – and even many Copenhageners.

beCopenhagen diversity bike tourCopenhagen Diversity bike tour beCopenhagen family friendly me-mover tour

As true Copenhageners we are keen on bikes and cycling. So when we include you in city life, there’s only one way – the local way. And that’s the bike way!

We have a few special types of bikes, that have each their qualities and features.

Rent a bikeSTRiDA

The STRiDA is a cool design city bike that folds. We use this for most of our public bike tours.

beCopenhagen me-mover toursMe-mover

The me-mover is invented and developed in Copenhagen by an old friend, and it’s a great ride.

You can have a go on our me-mover tour.

Read more about the me-mover!


Find us

How can you find us?

Click here for detailed info, directions and public transportation, and take a 360° virtual tour of our shop and lounge.

find us beCopenhagen map

Our base camp is located in the very city center, very close to Strøget, the main shopping street. We are located at the corner across from Nikolaj Church, at this address: Fortunstræde 1, 1065 København K.

Free wifi – & restroom!

Feel free to be here early and relax in the lounge corner and use our wifi for free. You can use our restroom and you can leave bags or stuff (no pets, though…!) while on a tour – or while shopping after the tour.

tour start?

Our tours start and end here. Please be 10 minutes early. Pickup and return of rental bikes and me-movers is here.

How to get here:

Find detailed information on how to get here using public transportation and from the airport and cruise terminals.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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All frequently asked questions:

Do I need to be athletic?

Can I bring my kids?

Where should we meet for tour start?

What is a me-mover?!

Do we need special clothing or equipment?

Can I bring luggage on the tour?

Can I cancel because I broke my leg?

Can I join a tour with my particular handicap?

Need an answer on another question? Please write us at and we’ll get back to you asap!