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All frequently asked questions:

These FAQs concern our public or private tours, typically private customers or small groups. If you’re searching for info on our tailor-made services, please look for it here.

Need an answer to another question? Please write to info@becopenhagen.dk and we’ll get back to you asap!

Do I need to be athletic?

Even though a Dane won the Tour De France in 2022 and 2023, that’s not how cycling is in Copenhagen, and our bike tours are not fitness workouts.
First of all, we take plenty of stops along the route, and we adjust the speed and challenges to make all guests on each tour feel comfortable.

That said, we do expect you to be comfortable riding a bike. If you need to refresh your childhood skills, you can meet 30 minutes early and get the hang of our bikes.
On a really hot summer day, you may expect a little dampness, but you are very welcome to use our restroom and have a little wash after the tour.

Do we need special clothing or equipment?

Please dress according to the weather, that’s it. And – alright – sometimes it rains in Denmark. But unless in the event of a natural disaster, we will carry out the tours, so we expect you to dress appropriately for the current weather. We do have a few sets of rainwear in case you forgot..
Copenhageners bike in everything from wedding dresses to swimsuits so feel free to wear what you feel is comfortable.

Can I cancel because I broke my leg?

First and foremost it’s such a shame, that you can’t join the tour after all!
Reasons for cancellations can be good or sometimes less good, but we’re not assessing the quality of reasons. It’s all a matter of time for us to have a chance to resell your spot.
Please take a look at our terms and conditions terms and conditions for details.

Can you store my luggage such as bags / suitcases / stamp collection / dog?

For your own comfort, we suggest that you bring as little luggage on the tour as possible. You may leave big or heavy stuff at our base camp, which will be locked if no one is there.
You might want to bring your phone, camera, wallet, and so on in your own rucksack or in a bag you can carry in the basket on the bike.
But you’ll have to leave your dog at home … 🙁

Where should I meet for the tour start?

Most tours will start at Fortunstræde 1 in central Copenhagen. You can find detailed instructions on how to get here on this page, and the address will be included in your booking confirmation.
In any case, please be 15 minutes early.

Can I bring my kids on a bike tour?

Yes, you can!

Small kids on child seats or in our Christiania cargo bike, bigger kids on their own bikes, IF they can actually ride them.

Generally speaking, bike tours are more kid-friendly than bus and boat or walking tours. Even though the topics of our tours are not exactly aimed at kids, they’ll love the ride, and there’s plenty to look at, even if your teenager is not that intensely interested in architecture or social issues or cycling infrastructure or whatnot.
We have children’s bikes from about 6 years of age, and from around 12 years of age (or 150 cm/5 feet in height), our adjustable adult bikes will be suitable.

For a more family-friendly version that enables a slower pace and additional stops for ice cream, please consider a private tour.

We accept all ages on our tours, but if your child needs special equipment, such as a child bike, a baby seat, or our cargo bike, we’ll need to know, so we can reserve it. Kids of all ages need a kids ticket (at 50%), that also covers the special or extra equipment.
Bring your kids on a Copenhagen bike tour
BUT (important!): since we don’t know your kids and their skills on a bike, they will ALWAYS join on the responsibility and supervision of their parents. 
Helmets are included and recommended, especially for the kids.
Our normal bikes are suitable from around 12 years of age. Please let us know if we need to provide bikes or bike seats for smaller kids.
You can bring up to four smaller kids in the classical Christiania cargo bike.
Alternatively, you can book a private tour just for you to ride at a slower pace. Or you can opt for an entirely customised tour with even more focus on the interests, needs and abilities of your younger ones.
Please reach out by email to info@becopenhagen.dk.
Rent a bike with child seat
bike with child seat
Copenhagen bike tour Christiania family cargo bike

Can I buy a gift card?

Sure! Gift cards are available for purchase right here: Gift Cards
Gift cards are issued as one or more spots on one of our tours rather than at an amount. However, we’re happy to reissue the gift card if you prefer another one of our tours.

What’s the prices for bike rental?

Please check this page for a price overview.