Reservations and payments

We are doing our best to offer excellent service to our customers, being fair and flexible and aiming at providing the same service next year, i.e. running an almost sustainable business and paying rent as well as decent wages to our highly devoted and qualified crew.

(This page is aimed at real people. If you’re a lawyer, make your day reading this stuff.)

We distinguish between three main types of services:

Public tours

Public tours must be booked through our booking system. Spots on our public tours can only be reserved by booking and paying online.

Private tours

Private tours are predefined and can be customised on the day to a limited degree. Private tours must be booked through our booking system. Changes to the number of participants are most likely possible but can’t be guaranteed (we could run out of bikes or guides). The sooner we know, the better. A reduction in group size can be reimbursed if we know in time, one week before the tour.

When booking and paying online, you’ll automatically receive an email receipt that should work just fine for accountancy. However, pdf invoices can be issued at an extra fee of DKK 300,-.

Custom tours, experiences and events

Tours can be customised in so many ways. Customisation costs time, so prices are customised accordingly. You can get an idea and find inspiration on our dedicated page. If you think our services are of interest, please email us for a customised experience at

Requesting – a guide to a quick and accurate response

To help the process and quickly align expectations, we think it’s helpful if you briefly consider which of these points apply to your request:

  • Date, time and duration.
  • Size of the group.
  • Means of transportation: bikes, walking, bus, boat or a combination? You might already have a bus at hand or tickets for public transportation.
  • Interests: whether it’s specific buildings, places and areas, or topics, more or less specific.
  • General circumstances: what’s the overall purpose of the visit, and what’s in the program besides our service?
  • What ‘kind’ of people are participating? Are they all architects who seek a high level of professional knowledge? Do they mostly need a social activity together? Do they know each other well? Age and nationality matter too.
  • Practical limitations: someone can’t bike or need an electric bike, or the group already have bikes from elsewhere, for instance.
  • Logistics: the group arrives at point A at this time or needs to be at point B at that time, or lunch is planned at point C and an appointment is made at point D. That sort of thing.
  • Advanced logistics: consider if the group would benefit from picking up their bikes earlier to use them before and to be able to start a tour from hotel X or restaurant Y. Or they would benefit from ending the tour at said hotel or restaurant and keeping the bikes to return them later. Things like that.
  • Budget: are the group students or CEOs in large-scale real estate development? Should we plan for an open-air picnic experience or a Michelin-star restaurant?

Inform us as best you can – and since every group is unique, feel free to add to the list.

Upon receiving your request, we’ll propose a sketch for a program that will suit your needs as best as possible. When we receive your confirmed reservation (see below), we can go into detail – to a point.

We can make a great, entirely improvised tour, adjusting along the way, or we can take care of very well-defined interests, wishes and needs. Most of our tours are somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes.

Bear in mind, that some degree of flexibility and improvisation is beneficial/necessary, as we can’t claim control over weather conditions, predict punctures or other accidents, or know the exact pace of the group.

But don’t worry! We have a lot of experience in running tours for a very varied audience. We know our way around town, and we know what works great here and what doesn’t.

Reservation, deposit and payment

The final reservation of time and equipment is made upon payment of a 50% non-refundable deposit. The remaining amount/the financial balance will be settled on/around the day of the event.

Online payment: we prefer charging through online payments at our webshop, as it is faster and easier (for us anyway). When payments are made through our webshop, you’ll receive a regular email receipt.

Payment by invoice and bank transfer: invoices are sent in pdf format with a payment notice of 8 work days. If you wish additional or split invoices, we charge a fee of DKK 250,- (excl. VAT) for each.

VAT: Danish VAT is 25%. If we can charge you as an EU VAT-registered company, we’ll charge you without the VAT. We’ll need to know your VAT registration number.

Changes and cancellations

Later and last-minute changes (to group size or time and duration, for instance) are accommodated as best possible. The sooner we are notified, the better, of course. Reimbursements because of a reduction in the number of participants or duration can’t be accommodated at a later point than one week before the tour/event.