FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding tailormade experiences

These FAQs are concerning our larger groups or professional customers. If you’re looking for information on our public tours or private tours, please look for it here.

What’s a private as opposed to a tailor-made tour?

Private tours are predefined and can be customised on the fly to a limited degree.

Private tours must be booked through our booking system.

Tailor-made tours are planned according to your wishes and needs and have a lot of options. This is more aimed at professional travel planners and larger groups, but could also be relevant to smaller parties who have more specific needs and wishes.
You can find examples and inspiration on our dedicated website section.

Tailor-made tours can be requested by email: info@becopenhagen.dk.

How can I make a request?

Please send us an email at info@becopenhagen.dk after considering this list.

We’ll get back to you with ideas, probably a few supplementary questions, options, and recommendations, to reach a program sketch and an estimated price.

When you like it, and upon receiving a non-refundable 50% deposit. we’ll make the reservation of time and equipment and go into detail if necessary.

The remaining amount will be due on/around the day of the tour.

Can we trust you with our group?

Admittingly, a self-imposed, leading question, not actually frequently asked out loud.

But we really want you to know that we’re professionals in the fields of architecture and urbanism, and we are long-time Copenhageners. We know what’s cooking and we know our way around town.

We also have tons of experience in running tours for a very varied audience, and we know what works great here and what doesn’t.

We can entirely improvise a great tour, adjusting along the way, or we can take care of very well-defined interests, wishes and needs. Most of our tours are somewhere on the spectrum between these two extremes.

Bear in mind, that some degree of flexibility and improvisation is beneficial/necessary, as we can’t claim control over weather conditions, predict punctures or other accidents, or know the exact pace of the group.

And you can trust us to exert that flexibility and improvisation in the best interest of the participants.

What are the terms for cancellation?

You can find our terms for cancellations and changes of customised/tailor-made tours or bike rentals here.

Can bikes be delivered to start the tour elsewhere?

Unfortunately not. It just implies too much time, logistics and uncertainties.

We’re located at a very central location, so it’s very easy from most hotels to walk here, or to make use of the metro (in and of itself an important experience to understand Copenhagen). Look at this page for detailed instructions on how to get to us.

However, flexibility on starting and ending locations will widen the geographic range as well as the range of options.

Please consider if it would be of value, for instance, to pick up the bikes hours or days before to have them available for just getting around most easily. Then we can meet your group at the hotel in the morning to start the tour there.

Or we could end a tour at a restaurant before dinner. The group keeps the bikes to enjoy their dinner, returning the bikes later, the same evening or the next day, for instance.

Another option is to rent bikes at the hotel. Most hotels provide bikes for their guests. Maybe in limited numbers, so if that sounds like the solution, check it out before counting too much on it.

Finally, a third option is for us to book third-party bikes to be delivered and picked up at your convenience. This does rely on a third party, so we can’t improvise to the same degree with this solution.

What are beCopenhagen’s bike group sizes and maximum capacity?

As a rule of thumb, one guide can ride with up to 15 participants, and we can handle in-house two such groups, i.e. up to 30 participants at the same time.

Group sizes between 5 and 15 is ideal for a dynamic, yet personal experience for the group. A few more is not impossible, but as the size grows, the experience is less personal and slower through the streets, resulting in more waiting time for everyone.
The more diverse the group, the more an increased group size affects the flow negatively.

Large groups
For larger groups, we’ll divide into smaller groups. They can then go separately, taking different routes, or the same route in opposite directions, for instance.

We can handle two such groups with our guides and bikes at the same time. Even larger groups could ‘consider ‘taking turns’, so 30 people first, 30 people next. With careful planning and a bit of flexibility, this has worked just fine.

If taking turns is not an option, we can join forces with third-party bike providers and/or guides. Since we then depend on third parties, early planning and pre-booking will be helpful to make it all fall into place.

Do participants need special clothing or equipment?

Just clothes according to the weather. And – alright – sometimes it rains in Denmark. But unless in the event of a natural disaster, we will carry out the tours, so we expect you to dress appropriately for the current weather.

Copenhageners bike in everything from ball dresses to swim suites, but – in the city – rarely in racing outfits. Feel free to wear what you feel is comfortable.

Do you only offer bike tours?

We also occasionally make use of walking, canal tour boats, public water busses (for smaller groups), the metro, private coach tours or a combination.

We prefer bikes for transportation because it’s by far the faster transportation in Copenhagen, it facilitates the largest possible range, and the most dynamic and flexible route planning with more variation and more stops.

Besides that, cycling is so fundamental to life in Copenhagen, so it’s half the cultural experience and a profound mind changer for most visitors.

But – sometimes, for some reason, cycling is just not an option. And, after all, that alone should not rule out a great Copenhagen exploration.

What equipment is offered?

For bike tours, we have bike sizes from around 6 years up, and Christiania cargo bikes to carry up to 4 kids or perhaps one not-too-large adult with a broken arm.

We have 5 electric bikes and 5-10 funky folding bikes, that are great fun for those with a slightly more playful taste.
You can see photos of our various bikes on our bike rental page.

We offer optional helmets included in the price.

All bikes have lights, and most of them have baskets.

Can we include food and drinks or a picnic?

Including food or drinks on a tour is a great idea! We can try to include a lunch or dinner at a place you have already planned, or we can take care of planning and booking, integrating it into your tour.

See more on our dedicated page on the matter.
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