Wonderful Copenhagen v. 2.0

Copenhagen was long regarded as a charming and idyllic destination. But now more than ever it’s gaining attraction day by day – for good reasons!

In particular, two things are dominating media coverage:

  1. Bikes (and bikes and more bikes) – and
  2. Architecture and urban design! 
Custom Tours

Combining the two on our custom tours, using urban spaces and buildings as a lense, is just an unmatched way to enjoy our lovely city AND learn a lot about the culture, community, mindset and lifestyle.

Professional guides

We have professional backgrounds within the building and planning industry, we know our city by heart, and we stay up-to-date on Copenhagen’s comprehensive and fast-paced development. 

We are passionate about Copenhagen as a place to live and we are eager to share what’s the most important and relevant for you to see and know about. 

You can meet and read more about us here.


It’s important to make most of your time.

So we’ll tailor your program to make ends meet with regards to duration, content, routes and places, transportation, etc.

There are practically endless variations and possibilities to consider, and the sooner we hear from you, the more flexible and helpful we can be to make your visit the best it can be.

Please take a look at the few diverse showcases below for inspiration. However, don’t feel restricted to what you find here.

Let us know what you need and wish, and we’ll have some great ideas for your custom tour!

Check out these showcase examples for inspiration:
Mode of transportation:

Our preferred transportation on our tours is bikes.

In Copenhagen, the bike lanes are one of the highlights, in general, and within our urban focus. It’s the best way to immerse yourself and really understand, first-hand, how the city works.

But although it IS a very flexible mode of transportation, groups can be too large for it to be practical, and not everyone in the world are comfortable biking.

For specific purposes of a duration of more days or very large groups, we would consider other transportation such as:

  • Walking
  • Public transportation
    • Metro
    • Water bus
    • S-trains
    • Buses
  • Rickshaws
  • Small self-controlled boats
  • Canal boats
  • Private bus or limousine