Sculpture tour in Copenhagen

Guidet sculpture tour in Copenhagen by bike

Did you ever wonder what’s really going on with all those sculptures in public spaces? Why are they there, who made them, and what’s their significance?

One is usually too busy to really appreciate the beauty of the many marvels that adorn the city of Copenhagen. We just pass by on our way somewhere else.

On this tour we shall stop and take a look at some of the famous sculptures, the big ones, the small ones, the not so well known, and at the same time get some valuable insights in our city, because the history of Copenhagen is inextricably linked to its art and the people who made it.

Who is this tour for?

This tour is suitable for anyone interested in sculpture and in the cultural history of Copenhagen. It appeals to Danes and foreigners, young and old, as a short cut to a deeper understanding of the soul of Copenhagen.

If you like, there is the possibility of making a quiz as we go along, in order to add a dash of competition on knowledge of Copenhagen culture.


We shall be visiting:
  • Eriksen: The Little MermaidbeCopenhagen sculpture tour
  • Saly: Frederik V at Amalienborg Palace
  • Nielsen: The Carl Nielsen Monument
  • Tinsbo: Vandkunst
  • Sinding: Valkyrie

– and some more, depending on preferences, time, locations etc. All tours can be adapted to the level of the group, children, distance, bicycle ability etc.

Your guide on this tour is

Søren Jønsson Granat
Søren Jønsson Granat is an art historian and lecturer on art and cultural history, bicycle nerd and an experienced tour guide.

To request a tour please contact us with information on preferred date and time, size of group, specific interests, and any wishes for lunch break, coffee or beer stops, or other practical info: