Visit Copenhill – Architecture tour
by bike /4h

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Join this architecture tour and visit Copenhill by (st)architect Bjarke Ingels. Besides a vistit to the rooftop and a look into the ground breaking waste-to-energy plant, you’ll be introduced to recent architecture in Copenhagen and the developments from industrial wasteland to attractive public spaces, and commercial as well as residential areas.

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Visit Copenhill on this bike tour

– and learn about Danish architecture 

Besøg Amager Bakke Visit Copenhill by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)Besøg Amager Bakke Visit Copenhill by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)‘Copenhill’ is a world famous project by (st)architect Bjarke Ingels. On this tour we offer a rare opportunity to visit the top and have a look into the cutting edge sustainable waste-to-energy plant.

Copenhill (or Amager Bakke in Danish) is a garbage incinerator AND a (future) rooftop public park for skiing, biking, hiking, mountain climbing and much more.

At the top, 85 m above, we have a spectacular view of the area and the whole city.

Visit Copenhill

Besøg Amager Bakke Visit Copenhill by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

During a 45-60 minutes visit by elevator to the top we will give you a quick introduction to technical aspects of energy use and production, waste handling and incineration, as well as an architectural perspective.

The roof park is still under construction and not yet open to the public. Safety shoes and hard hats are required and provided for the visit.

Copenhill is a spectacular and unique concept and architecture. It demonstrates that sustainability is not necessarily a step backwards in terms of modern and attractive lifestyle. We most certainly need to change things. But to succeed, we also need a positive and attractive future in order to make things move faster.

The tour

beCopenhagen-architecture-bike-tour-Opera-Henning-LarsenCopenhagen is celebrated worldwide for its architecture and design throughout the 20th century – and no less today.

On our way to Copenhill, your architect guide will connect the dots and relate Copenhill to Danish architecture and society in a broader perspective.

Copenhagen architecture bike tour Royal Playhouse by Lundgaard & TranbergCopenhagen architecture bike tour Amager Fælled urban nature

Take a look through the eyes of an architect at the recent transformation from withering industries to hip neighbourhoods, cultural areas and fancy commercial districts.

You can expect stories behind building designs, public spaces and the general unfolding of urban life.

The tour will start at Fortunstræde 1, in central Copenhagen. you’ll learn about the redeveloped harbour areas and recent architecture.

After visiting the Copenhill rooftop we’ll find our way back and find a good place for a local craft beer or coffee.

beCopenhagen architecture bike tour Art school campus + more at Holmen

[…] Asser customised the tour to meet our preferences. He was deeply and widely knowledgeable, and yet was gracious about even the most banal and naive questions. […] We hope to be back. Thank you.

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Areas visited:

Starting from the central city the route will take you to places such as:

  • Copenhagen architecture bike tour The Wave at Kalvebod BryggebeCopenhagen architecture bike tour Opera Henning Larsen Besøg Amager Bakke Visit Copenhill Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)Kissing Bridge bike connection
  • Public spaces at Islands Brygge
  • Havneholmen commercial and residential
  • Refshaleøen former ship yard
  • Public community projects at …
  • … early suburban Holmbladsgade
  • Opera and art school campus at Holmen
  • … and more …

You will learn about buildings and projects by accredited Danish and international architects/designers such as:

For anyone:

Focusing on recent building design and urban development makes this tour very suitable of course for architects or architecturally interested guests or locals alike.

But architecture in a broader sense reflects all sides of a society. Architecture relates to topics as diverse as for example:

  • history
  • politics
  • climate
  • religion
  • geography
  • economy
  • … well – in fact – everything!

Copenhagen architecture bike tour Circle Bike Bridge by Olafur EliassonThat makes architecture a great lens for a more general understanding of the city and the culture. And as such very relevant not only for building professionals but for everyone looking for a deeper insight in the city and it’s people.

Your guide on the architecture bike tour is:

Asser Munch

Asser Munch, Architect MAA, leading the architecture tour by bikeAsser Munch is an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen. He has a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, later as a building architect on smaller, very diverse projects.

You can read more on his blog:

Small group size

We ride in small groups and treasure the personal connection and the opportunity to exchange views and experiences along the way.

The pace is comfortable and the distance is approximately 15-20 km, so anyone can enjoy it.

Your guide knows the city from within and shares his/her personal version with you, including activities and experiences for the rest of your stay in Copenhagen.

The bikes

beCopenhagen bike tour STRiDAOn this tour we each ride a cool STRiDA design folding bike. A real urban eye-candy – and a great ride!

Optional helmets are included as well as a drink of water that we bring on the tour.

If you would like a private tour for you and your colleagues/friends/family, please make contact at


Neighbourhoods of Copenhagen bike tour downtown lounge Start and stop is at the beCopenhagen basecamp, Fortunstræde 1, 1065 Copenhagen. Here you can store luggage during your tour and rest with a cold soft drink after, while using our free WiFi and charging your phone/device.

How to find us.

The tour is suitable from 12 years up, the route mainly follows bike routes, and avoids heavy car traffic. Helmets are optional and included in the price.

You can find additional and practical information at our FAQ-page.


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