CPH Light Festival bike tour /3h (February 1 – 24)

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3-hour CPH Light Festival bike tour!

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Most of February Copenhagen is even more magical and wonderful! Join us through the colorful darkness and experience lots of artwork and installations in the most convenient way possible – by bike, of course…!


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There’s a bike included for the tour, but you can keep it after the tour and save DKK 100,- on the rental.
AND if you have rented other bikes, you can opt to not use our bikes and save DKK 50 on the tour.

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CPH Light Festival 07 - Arthur van der Zaag CPH Light Festival 07 - Jette Hye Jin MortensenLight is essential to architecture and architectural quality.

Daylight adds a fourth dimension to architecture, as any stationary building or space inevitably transforms in perception over the course of a day and through the change of seasons.

And during February of 2019, the annual CPH Light Festival adds another dimension to the dark, winterly Copenhagen, transforming the nights into a colourful celebration of light in the dark. And our city becomes even more magical and wonderful. With a large number of light art installations throughout the city, the festival presents a temporary alternative Copenhagen to locals and visitors, and we’ll guide you through a selection.

CPH Light Festival bike tourAs always, biking is by far the best way to get around in Copenhagen, to see and experience more in the most convenient manner, AND to be integrated with local life.

Join our architect guide on the special CPH Light Festival bike tour in the enchanted, colourful darkness and experience lots of artwork and installations in the most convenient and enjoyable way in Copenhagen.

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CPH Light Festival 09 - Lighten Up Copenhagen CPH Light Festival 08 - Pipaluk Supernova and Thomas Jørgensen

On the tour, we’ll visit a number of beautiful, colourful light installations in a beautiful nighttime Copenhagen. Your architect guide will give you lots of engaging information on the light art and its background and about Copenhagen architecture and culture.

CPH Light Festival 10 - Danish Chamber of Light

CPH Light Festival Bike tour

(@photos from last year’s festival are borrowed from the website of Copenhagen Light Festival)

Your guides on the architecture bike tour are:

Else Søeborg

Else is an architect and jewellery designer, based in Copenhagen. Check out her work at:


Asser Munch, Architect MAA, leading the architecture tour by bikeAsser Munch is an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen. He has a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, later as a building architect on smaller, very diverse projects.

You can read more on his blog: copenhagenarchitecture.dk.

Small group size

We ride in small groups and treasure the personal connection and the opportunity to exchange views and experiences along the way.

Bike tour!

It is a bike tour, so we expect all participants to be fairly experienced on a bike and fairly comfortable in traffic. That said, it’s not a fitness session, the pace is comfortable, there are plenty of stops, and the distance is approximately 10-15 km.

The tour is suitable from 15 years up, the route mainly follows bike routes, and avoids heavy car traffic. Helmets are optional and included in the price.

For a group with someone new on a bike or uncomfortable on the bike lanes, we’ll be happy to offer a custom tour at a slower pace and choosing more quiet routes. Please let us know at kontakt@becopenhagen.dk.

The bikes

beCopenhagen bike tour STRiDAOn this tour, we each ride a cool STRiDA design folding bike. A real urban eye-candy – and a great ride!

Optional helmets are included as well as a drink of water that we bring on the tour.

If you would like a private tour for you and your colleagues/friends/family, please make contact at kontakt@becopenhagen.dk.


Neighbourhoods of Copenhagen bike tour downtown lounge Start and stop is at the beCopenhagen basecamp, Fortunstræde 1, 1065 Copenhagen. Here you can store luggage during your tour and rest with a cold soft drink after while using our free WiFi and charging your phone/device.

How to find us.


Helmets are optional but included in the price as well as a bottle of water to bring on the tour. However, we may be able to help you with a few other practicalities – for rent or for keeps:


You can find additional and practical information at our FAQ-page.

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