Private architecture tour in Copenhagen

Private architecture tour in Copenhagen

For someone with an interest in architecture – on a personal or professional level – Copenhagen is a treasury in almost any perspective:

  • Contemporary or historic,
  • public or private,
  • residential or commercial,
  • large or small scale,
  • high budget or low.

On a customized, private architecture tour in Copenhagen with an architect guide, you spend your time on exactly what you prefer. And on a level that suits you, whether you’re a professional or you just heard Copenhagen architecture should be something special.

Options are highly flexible and customisable:

You could be travelling alone, with your spouse and family or with a group of friends or coworkers.  And a tour could last 1 hour or 1 week.

Mode of transportation

Copenhagen is famous for its bikes, and for good reasons! For this reason, we have the bikes ready. However, every tour is customised using:

  • bikes,
  • bike taxis,
  • walk,
  • public transportation,
  • private limousine, or
  • bus
  • … or a combination of more

On a tour with lots of new impressions and information, we can organise lunch or dinner or we can take a coffee-to-go from a kiosk on the way.

Your architecture guide is:

Alice Lempel Søndergaard

Alice has worked in various positions in urban planning and strategy and is commenting on and reviewing new architecture.

She has a degree in philosophy and modern culture and she has a profound interest in how our built environment and city planning are influencing everyday life in the city.

Asser Munch

Asser has a background as a building designer on smaller, very diverse projects and as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus.

Asser is an architect by trade, and since 2020 he is studying construction engineering at the DTU (Technical University of Denmark).

You can read more on his blog:

Occasionally, on busy days, we make use of freelance architect guides, who are also professionals from the building and planning industry.