Private architecture tour in Copenhagen

Private architecture tour in Copenhagen

architecture tour in CopenhagenFor someone with an interest in architecture – on a personal or professional level – Copenhagen is a treasury in almost any perspective:

  • Contemporary or historic,
  • public or private,
  • residential or commercial,
  • large or small scale,
  • high budget or low.

Private architecture tour in CopenhagenOn a customized, private architecture tour in Copenhagen with an architect guide you spend your time on exactly what you prefer. And on a level that suits you, whether you’re a professional or you just heard Copenhagen architecture should be something special.

Options are highly flexible and customisable:

You could be travelling alone, with your spouse and family or with a group of friends or coworkers.  And a tour could last 1 hour or 1 week.

Mode of transportation

Copenhagen is famous for it’s bikes, and for good reasons! For this reason we have the bikes ready. However, every tour is customised using both:

  • bikes,
  • bike taxis,
  • walk,
  • public transportation,
  • private limousine, or
  • bus

On a tour with lots of new impressions and information We can organise lunch or dinner or we can take a coffee-to-go from a kiosk on the way.

Your architecture guide is:

  • Asser Munch

    Asser Munch, Architect MAAAsser Munch is an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen.

    He has a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, later as a building architect on smaller, very diverse projects.


    You can read more on his blog: