Ideas, tips, blogs and recommendations for your stay

Here, we will be building a list of personally handpicked ideas and practical tips, relevant blogs and recommendations for your stay in Copenhagen:

  • Tip no. 1 of all lists of tips for visits in Copenhagen is to rent a bike for your entire stay! It so happens, that we also rent out bikes, so for your convenience, we suggest that you book a bike from us. Good quality bikes, very flexible return 24/7, and helmets and extra locks are included.
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  • Our founder and architect guide, Asser, is authoring his own blog on architecture, urban spaces and so on. Here’s a specific blog post of his, not really related to architecture:
  • And one more for a great ride around non-touristy Copenhagen:


  • Cycling, need we say more? Rent bikes here, and benefit from our insight and personalised advice – and just get out there.
  • The harbour buses / ferries (‘Havnebussen‘ in Danish) offer a great view of the harbour front from north to south. They are just another bus line, so the general 2 zone tickets for public transportation cover the whole ride for cheaps, AND your conversation is not interrupted by guides explaining about the little mermaid in 4 languages. You can jump on and off from a number of platforms along the route, and often with 15-20 minutes intervals. Google Maps will show you departures from this and other stops. It is bus line number 991 and 992, they are the same line but in opposite directions.
  • Looking for (free) kids friendly activities?
  • Go skiing on Copenhill, it’s the unlikeliest of places: a waste-to-power-plant with a ski slope on the roof. It’s an incredible and cool place with a great view. You don’t have to ski (which is not that cheap), but just walking up (or using the elevator) is free and it’s a great experience for kids of all ages. See photos and read more about the place on our blog. You can reach it by bike (of course) or harbour buses, but check out the opening hours before going there.

Eat & drink

  • Beers have become gourmet in Denmark, and Brus at Nørrebro is Asser’s favourite place to go for a big selection of mostly homegrown, handcrafted drafts beers. Enjoy it between the barrels with a snack, a lunch or a dinner on the side.
  • On our tours, we often enjoy visiting ‘Prismen‘, a local sports community centre, designed by Dorte Mandrup. The restaurant serves delicious food at a ridiculously low price. The menu depends on the season and on what kind of fish the chef caught that day. They often have dinner ‘clubs’ for locals, but you’re welcome to join. Check out their events (although it’s in Danish, give it a shot):
  • ‘Åbenbar’ is Søren’s own place; a traditional pub version 2.0 off the beaten track in the Northwest area of the city! Here you will find an authentic atmosphere and you can both get a great brunch, a beer with the local regulars in the afternoon or a fancy drink in the evening.
  • Boulevarden‘ is Søren’s lunch restaurant on Amager. VERY good, modern ‘smørrebrød’, snaps and drinks in a great atmosphere.
  • Reffen‘ is not a secret anymore, but it’s a great street food ‘village’ set in a former shipyard with a rustic, industrial feel to it. Everyone loves it, but you can check it out on their website or just head off. Google Maps.


  • La Fontaine is Asser’s favourite and mostly secret jazz bar featuring young local artists, crowded with a mixed audience of young and young of their age. Very informal and lively. (only in Danish)
  • VEGA is another favourite of Asser’s, both as a music venue for very different music genres and a high acoustic quality, but not least as a beautiful architectural treat. Designed by functionalist architect Vilhelm Lauritzen as the People’s House. (mostly Danish)
  • Søren’s favourite electro club is Culture Box