Ideas, tips, blogs and recommendations

Here, we will be building a list of personally handpicked ideas and practical tips, relevant blogs and recommendations:

  • Tip no. 1 of all lists of tips for visits in Copenhagen is to rent a bike for your entire stay! It so happens, that we also rent out bikes, so for your convenience, we suggest that you book a bike from us. Good quality bikes, very flexible return 24/7, and helmets and extra locks are included.
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  • Our most popular architect guide, Asser, is authoring his own blog on architecture, urban spaces and so on. Here’s a specific blog post of his, not really related to architecture:

10 DON’Ts in Copenhagen

  • And one more for a great ride around non-touristy Copenhagen:

10 secret spots in Copenhagen


  • La Fontaine is Asser’s favourite and mostly secret jazz bar featuring young local artists, crowded with a mixed audience of young and young of their age. Very informal and lively. (only in Danish)
  • VEGA is another favourite of Asser’s, both as a music venue for very different music genres and a high acoustic quality, but not least as a beautiful architectural treat. Designed by functionalist architect Vilhelm Lauritzen as as People’s House. (mostly Danish)
  • Søren’s favourite electro club is Culture Box

Eat & drink

  • Beers have become gourmet in Denmark, and Brus at Nørrebro is Asser’s favourite place to go for a big selection of mostly homegrown, handcrafted drafts beers. Enjoy it between the barrels with a snack, a lunch or a dinner on the side.