Practical info on groups

Info on groups

Practicalities regarding our tours. Every tour is different, so feel free to contact us for other questions or requests at

  • Food/drinks/picnic

    beCopenhagen bike tour cafe stop 13-09-10 DSC_1263beCopenhagen me-mover tour cafe stopA soft drink or bottled water to bring on our tours is always included. Stopping at a cool café for a cold beer/wine/soda/hot drinks and a snack is always great, and there are lots of cool places that we can reach on any route.


    beCopenhagen picnicbeCopenhagen green picnic

    As cool as it is to sit in on a café halfway on a tour, it’s even more cool to sit down outside in a square or a park and have a picnic before continuing the ride.

    We provide small lunch bags with sandwiches or the famous Danish smørrebrød (open faced rye bread sandwich) and a variety of drinks. We bring a tablecloth and tableware or we ‘set the table’ ahead as a surprise.

    beCopenhagen beer tasting tour A tasting of Danish beer on the harbour front is always a success.

    Lunch or dinner on a restaurant is yet another great option before, during, or after the tour. There are so many options, and we have a few favorites, that is suitable, also from a practical view. Let us help you choose and organize the booking.

  • Transportation of bikes and me-movers

    Versatility is a great quality when organizing events for groups.

    It’s possible to start a tour one place, say at a conference center, and end it at another, say at a restaurant.

    Be aware that such an arrangement involves a level of logistics – that comes at a price. We charge for the transportation of bikes and me-movers, but it also reduces the flexibility we ca otherwise achieve when starting at our base camp. Here we can switch bikes or helmets if needed, guests can leave luggage/stuff here, and use our restroom and WiFi and so forth.

    Our location is very downtown with plenty of high- and low-end eating options just around the corner, so it’s easy to pick a restaurant or café within 5 minutes walk.

  • Equipment

    Our own equipment covers:

    If more bikes are needed simultaneously we’ll use our partners that rent out bikes. We are the only part in Copenhagen with more than a few me-movers, so there’s a definite limit to the capacity for tours on me-movers.

  • Group sizes

    Our group sizes are per guide max 15 participants, but under some circumstances 20.

    For larger groups we join forces with our partners in ActiveCopenhagen, a network of high quality activity operators.

    beCopenhagen tour group size A group size between 5 and 15 is ideal for a dynamic, yet personal experience for the group. Larger groups are less personal and are slower through the streets. They are more cumbersome for both guests and guide, and they result in more waiting time.

    In cases when groups are larger than 15 – 20 persons we suggest to divide it in smaller groups. These go independently with each their guide on similar routes – or maybe on very different routes to make a good subject for the dinner conversation after the tour. Another option is to take one group after the other.

    beCopenhagen architecture boat tour

    For groups that are too large for us to handle on our own, a combination of activities is a great option.