Practical info on groups

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Info on groups

Practicalities regarding our tours. Every tour is different, so feel free to contact us for other questions or requests at

beCopenhagen group sizes

beCopenhagen tour group size
Group sizes

Our group sizes are per guide max 15 participants, but under some circumstances 20.

For larger groups we join forces with our partners in ActiveCopenhagen, a network of high quality activity operators.

A group size between 5 and 15 is ideal for a dynamic, yet personal experience for...Read More »

beCopenhagen equipment


Our own equipment covers:

If more bikes are needed simultaneously we’ll use our partners that rent out bikes. We are the only part in Copenhagen with more than a few me-movers, so there’s a definite limit to the capacity for tours on...Read More »

Transportation of bikes and me-movers

Transportation of bikes and me-movers

Versatility is a great quality when organizing events for groups.

It’s possible to start a tour one place, say at a conference center, and end it at another, say at a restaurant.

Be aware that such an arrangement involves a level of logistics – that comes at a...Read More »


beCopenhagen bike tour cafe stop 13-09-10 DSC_1263

A soft drink or bottled water to bring on our tours is always included. Stopping at a cool café for a cold beer/wine/soda/hot drinks and a snack is always great, and there are lots of cool places that we can reach on any route.


Read More »

ActiveCopenhagen - La Familia - high quality activities

ActiveCopenhagen – La Familia

As an active part of ActiveCopenhagen, a close network of dedicated activity operators in central Copenhagen, we offer packages and combinations of various high quality activities for larger groups.

ActiveCopenhagen offer
  • Guided bike tours and rental
  • Guided city walks
  • Guided running tours
  • Guided kayak tours and rental
  • Electric picnic boat...Read More »

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