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Welcome to beCopenhagen! Terms & conditions

beCopenhagen is a sightseeing and event bureau that offers unique and themed sightseeing tours and special events of a high quality. We strive our very best to give our customers the best service possible, and if you have any issues regarding our services or payment or anything else please contact us and we will meet your concerns in a straightforward manner.
However we do need you to agree that you have read and accepted the usual following:

Terms and conditions:

By booking a tour or an event with beCopenhagen online or by email you accept the following terms and Conditions. If you book on behalf of a group, you agree that you are authorized to do so and that all participants know and accept the following terms and conditions.
beCopenhagen can under no circumstances be made responsible and liable for mistakes or deficiencies on our websites, printed materials, social media etc.

Safety and damages:

Participation for all tours and events is only possible after accepting these terms and conditions or by signing a beCopenhagen non-liability declaration before the start of a tour. Upon request we will send you the non-liability declaration before you book the tour.

By accepting these terms and conditions you agree that all participants understand that beCopenhagen tours and events are physical activities and that you ride with us on your own responsibility. beCopenhagen is not liable for any traffic accidents. In these situations each tour participant is responsible and liable for his/her individual actions and especially for his/her driving manner, route choice and self-assessment of his/her abilities, even when following the tour guide. Due to the risk to both child and mother, pregnant women are not allowed to participate on a me-mover. If the beCopenhagen organizer or guide feels that a client is unsuitable for our tour we reserve the right to refuse participation. If you are unable to competently ride the me-mover after training the organizer or guide can decide that it is not possible for you to join the tour for safety reasons, and a refund will be made to your credit card within 7 working days after the tour date. Each tour participant agrees that the owners, organizers and representatives of beCopenhagen are not responsible for his/her personal safety. The owners, organizers and representatives of beCopenhagen can not in any situation, whether individual or collective, be held liable for incidents in connection with any participants actions or participation in the tour. beCopenhagen will take all necessary precautions to reduce the element of risk during the activity. However, due to circumstances that are impossible to foresee or control or for negligent behavior on the part of the participant(s), beCopenhagen is not responsible for any accident or incident that may occur during the tour or route. In participating in a tour or route with beCopenhagen, the client is aware of the fact that these activities have an inherent element of ‘risk’. In case persons, animals or material objects should get hurt or damaged by accident while riding our me-movers, it is at your own responsibility. Injuries and/or damages made by you, is at your own risk and should be covered by you or your private insurance. You are 100% responsible for your own safety and your personal belongings, as well as 3rd party while you ride the me-mover with us. This applies to your own property, yourself, other persons and their property. beCopenhagen can not be held liable for any damage or injury you may inflict upon yourself, other people or their belongings, cars, bicycles, personal effects etc. All persons riding with beCopenhagen is personally responsible for their me-mover. Individual participants can be excluded from the tour by the tour organizer or its tour guide due to undisciplined, dangerous, or disturbing behavior during the tour. He/she may also be excluded if traffic regulations are not abided by. In such a case, the me-mover or bike will be seized and no reimbursement for the tour will be given.


As a customer service beCopenhagen will often take photographs of participants on tours and events and share these photos online with the participants without limitations of use. However beCopenhagen reserve the right to use these images for marketing and business purposes, in printed or digital material as well as in social media, unless participants specifically request otherwise before tour start.

Booking and payment

Booking is accepted online, or by email. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, the booking will become effective only after payment of a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the full payment and after email-confirmation from beCopenhagen.

Cancellation, changes and refunding

Tours and bookings can be cancelled under the following conditions:
beCopenhagen reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone prior to the tour and also reserves the right to cancel a tour for any reason and refund the payment to the affected customer(s). In this case the client will immediately be informed and all payments made will be reimbursed. In case of incidents beyond our control such as violence, demonstrations, strikes, accidents, illness of tour leader etc., beCopenhagen reserve the right to discontinue a tour at anytime. In this case a partly reimbursement of the tour price for the remaining part of the tour will be made. Further claims fail to exist.
beCopenhagen cannot be held responsible for any unfavorable weather conditions. Therefore the participant cannot claim reimbursement for the tour due to weather conditions.

It is the responsibility of the participant to be at the designated tour location on the correct date and 10 minutes before tour start. If participants are not present 10 minutes before tour start at the latest, beCopenhagen reserves the right to cancel the booking without refund or compensation.

Cancellation and refund of scheduled/public tours

Until 14 days prior to the date of the tour, requests for rescheduling or cancellations can be made and refund of the full amount accepted. Later cancellations will not be reimbursed for any reason.
Cancellation and rescheduling requests must be made by email to and are not final until confirmation is received from us.

Cancellation or changes of private or group tours and events

Any prepaid reservation deposit is non-refundable, partial refunds can be made from the remainder of the payment in case of full or partial cancellations and changes of individually organized private and group tours and events until two weeks prior to the date of the tour or event. Later cancellations or reductions will not be reimbursed for any reason.

Please allow 7 working days for refunds.


In the event of service failure the participant is obligated to do everything within reason to minimize the damage. Should you have reason for reclamation despite the care taken while planning and executing the tour, we ask that you inform us immediately. You can reach us during normal business hours. Additionally we ask that all claims be made within one month after tour end. After this time all claims are only effective if you were, by no fault of your own, kept from making the claim within the stipulated time. Any warranty claims can only be effective if made by the participant, and cannot be transferred to another person.