A soft drink or bottled water to bring on our tours is always included. Stopping at a cool café for a cold beer/wine/soda/hot drinks and a snack is always great, and there are lots of cool places that we can reach on any route.

As cool as it is to sit in on a café halfway on a tour, it’s even cooler to sit down outside in a square or a park and have a picnic before continuing the ride.

We provide small lunch bags with sandwiches or the famous Danish smørrebrød (open faced rye bread sandwich) and a variety of drinks. We bring a tablecloth and tableware or we ‘set the table’ ahead as a surprise.

A tasting of Danish beer on the harbour front is always a success.

Lunch or dinner on a restaurant is yet another great option before, during, or after the tour. There are so many options, and we have a few favourites, that is suitable, also from a practical view. Let us help you choose and organize the booking.