Do I need to be athletic?

Should I be fit like an Olympic athlete – and will I be sweating like a pig?

No. That is – unless you really want it…

Our tours on bikes and me-movers alike are not fitness workouts. First of all we take plenty of stops along the route, and we adapt the speed and challenges to make all guests on each tour feel comfortable.

That said of course we expect you to be fairly comfortable riding a bike. If you need to refresh your childhood skills, you can meet ½ hour early and get the hang of our bikes.

On a really hot summer day you may expect a little damp, but you are very welcome to use our restroom and have a little wash after the tour.

Actually if a workout is what you want, the me-mover is a great fitness tool, so why not rent one and take a fitness workout in whatever speed that suits you? We’ll suggest a route for you that allows you to get real sweaty 🙂