Danish Design (and architecture)

Danish Design (and architecture)

– a philosophy

Get a thorough introduction to the history of ideas that lies underneath the world-famous Danish Design and architecture.

During the session, we will unfold these ideas and show how the concept of a humanistic and democratic ‘formgiving’ is present both in a chair, a LEGO brick and in urban spaces and architecture in Copenhagen.

You will see videos of Copenhagen’s buildings and urban spaces in combination with photos of Danish design objects. And you’ll learn how Danish architects typically embrace a holistic and democratic way of thinking that goes beyond history and aesthetic.

The session includes an interactive elaborate Q&A with your two speakers.

Your session hosts are:

Alice Lempel Søndergaard

Alice has a degree in philosophy and modern culture and has worked with urban planning at a strategic level.

She has a profound interest in how architecture and city planning is influencing everyday life in the city.

Asser Munch

Asser is an architect by trade and an architecture guide in Copenhagen.

He has a background as a teacher at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, later as a building architect on smaller, very diverse projects.

You can read more on his blog: copenhagenarchitecture.dk.

Occasionally, on busy days, we make use of freelance architect guides, who are also professionals from the building and planning industry.