Practical info on groups

Info on groups

Practicalities regarding our tours. Every tour is different, so feel free to contact us for other questions or requests at

  • beCopenhagen beer tasting tour Food/drinks/picnic - Including food on a tour is great, a cool café for a cold beer/wine/soda/hot drinks. There are lots of cool places that we can reach on any route.
  • Transportation of bikes and me-movers - Transportation of bikes and me-movers is an option to make it possible to start a group tour one place and end it at another, say at a restaurant.
  • beCopenhagen equipment - Our own equipment covers: 1 group on bikes and 2 groups on me-movers. For larger groups we work with local partners.
  • beCopenhagen group sizes - beCopenhagen group sizes are per guide/group max 15 participants on bikes or me-movers. Larger groups are far better off in separate smaller groups.
  • Can I ride a me-mover? - Can I ride a me-mover? Most likely! Otherwise we'll offer you a bike or help you find a rickshaw or another transportation.
  • Do we need special clothing or equipment? - Do we need to bring special clothing or equipment? Only clothes appropriate for the weather and flat shoes for a me-mover tour. We offer optional helmets.
  • What is a me-mover?! - The me-mover is a step bike on three wheels. First in the world (!) we offer this unique driving pleasure of the me-mover on tours or for rent.