Architecture tours by bike in Copenhagen

Copenhagen architecture tours

beCopenhagen architecture tour Royal PlayhouseCopenhagen is world famous for its architecture and design! Our architecture tours highlights present day architecture, which fully equals excellent works of the past.

Indeed, the exceptional reputation of Danish architects roots in the ‘classic’ modern era between 1930 and 1970. Not least 1950s Danish furniture design enjoys world wide celebration for its aesthetics and craftsmanship.
But present day buildings and urban spaces leaves nothing to be desired in comparison to the past. Anyone can learn why on our architecture tours.

Who is it for?

Our architecture tours are not just for architects and design fans.

beCopenhagen architecture tours Nørreport Station

Architecture and urban spaces are certainly a notable feature and of interest to many visitors and residents. But they also relate to all kinds of cultural aspects:

  • History,
  • politics,
  • religion,
  • aesthetics,
  • social welfare,
  • sustainability,
  • tax systems…

… basically all the nuts and bolts of the Danish society, in a practical as well as a cultural scope.

beCopenhagen architecture bike tour Copenhagen HillEveryone can have an opinion on architecture and relate to one aspect or the other of specific buildings. Or indeed to the underlying, ‘systemic’ causes and effects that is at play in our physical surroundings.

That is why architecture makes such a great entry point for a grasp which goes deeper than the peculiar fun facts you hear on a tourist sightseeing.

My husband and I took a private Architecture tour with Asser. It was a wonderful experience. Asser designed the tour based on our requests and provided Strida bikes for the tour.

He is very knowledgeable about the city and the recent modern residential building projects. In addition to his technical expertise on the subject of architecture, he also offered us a glimpse of how Danes conduct their lives. We learned quite a bit from this tour that we can use on our own project.

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Professional tours

However, both architects and design nerds are also more than welcome! Our architect guide, Asser Munch, is experienced and widely knowledgeable on architecture and architectural history.

He will draw on this experience and insight to customize for the best possible route by bike or other transportation. He is the right person to ask for advice on how to get the most of a limited time for a group of professionals on a study trip or similar.

Architect guide

Asser Munch, Architect MAAFounder of beCopenhagen, Asser Munch, is an architect by trade and experienced architecture guide in his home town, Copenhagen. He enjoys sharing also the less obvious buildings and places relevant for:

  • architecture firms,
  • urban designers,
  • city administrators,
  • school architects,
  • real estate developers,
  • urban activity organisations,
  • and so on.
Asser’s blog

Asser Munch is also a blog writer, and he is exposing his shortcomings as an architectural photographer at So please don’t hesitate, but go get a feeling of his approach to the field of architecture and urbanism.