Corona / Covid-19

Yesterday evening (March 11th) Danish authorities took an unprecedented course of actions to slow down the spread of the Corona-virus. And even though these are drastic measures, they are not signs of panic. We’ll be following these directions closely and will update this post accordingly.

None of these directions suggests us to cancel our small group bike tours. They are an outdoor activity, and we’re a maximum of 10 persons in the groups. And, in fact, with people cancelling their travels, we’re more likely to be fewer.

We’re taking every meaningful precaution. We’ll not be offering you the usual handshake, and you’ll know it’s not a lack of courtesy. We are cleaning handles, steam cleaning helmets after every use, and washing our hands constantly. We’ll ask you to do the same in our wash-room, as well as using our hand disinfectant on our counter.

So, unless you’re for some reason in a high-risk group, we encourage you to be cautious but keep your wits and go on with the tour.


Being part of the travel industry, we are hit hard by this situation, with many business groups cancelling their visits for months to come. No one is to blame, so we’ll carry our part of the loss. However, we are simply not able to offer a full refund, beyond our normal refund policy. What we can offer is a reschedule or a later rebooking of the same value as what you have paid.

If you decide to cancel your booking with us in this period, we’ll offer you a voucher of the same value for later use.

Information from authorities

Please refer to these websites for further, updated information and news regarding the Corona-virus in Denmark:

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this (or something entirely different), please reach out by email: info@becopenhagen or phone: +45 40831777.

The situation is serious for us as people and as a business. We trust that our authorities are responding appropriately, and we thank you for your understanding and patience as longs as is lasts.


All the best to all of our customers and clients, beCopenhagen.