Copenhagen is UNESCO World Capital of Architecture in 2023

And that is huge!

The UNESCO World Capital of Architecture-title is an acknowledgement, that Copenhagen IS among the world-leading cities when it comes to, well, of course, building design, but maybe more importantly: sustainable and democratic urbanism, carbon-neutral energy, climate-adaptive planning – and quality of life!

The city’s official hosting committee picked the thematic title, ‘Copenhagen in Common’. This emphasises the fundamental, democratic values that implicitly underlies urban planning and development in Copenhagen.

In fact, these are all topics that we have been showing off for years on our bike tours for building professionals, groups and private visitors. We will, obviously, start developing theme tours for 2023 and seek out cooperative projects to take part in.

New title, but..

Like Rome, Copenhagen wasn’t built in a day. So the features that will be celebrated with the UNESCO World Capital of Architecture-title in 2023 are not invented for that occasion – they are very much present reality and have been built up over decades.

That means, there is no reason not to come looking for these things in 2021, 2022 – and in the years after 2023 for that matter. We can’t stop talking about these topics anyway, so feel free to hook up with us on our public bike tours or private and custom tours.

For anyone who has is considering Copenhagen as a destination

with the slightest interest in architecture and community in the broadest sense