Can I bring my kids on a bike tour?

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, you can!

Generally, bike tours are much more kid-friendly than bus and boat or walking tours. Even though the topics of our tours are not exactly aimed for kids, they’ll love the ride, and there’s plenty to look at, even if your teenager is not that intensely interested in architecture or social issues or cycling infrastructure or whatnot.

From around 12 years of age (or 150 cm/5 feet height), our adjustable adult bikes will be suitable.

We accept all ages on our tours, but if your child needs special equipment, such as a child bike, a baby-seat, or our cargo bike, we’ll need to know. Kids of all ages need a kids ticket (at 50%), that also covers the special or extra equipment.

BUT (important!): since we don’t know your kids and their skills on a bike, they will ALWAYS join on the responsibility and supervision of their parents. 

Helmets are included and recommended especially for the kids.


Our normal bikes are suitable from around 12 years of age. Please let us know if we need to provide bikes or bike seats for smaller kids.

You can bring up to four smaller kids in the classical Christiania cargo bike.

Alternatively, you can book a private tour just for you to ride at a slower pace. Or you can opt for an entirely customised tour with even more focus on the interests, needs and abilities of your younger ones.

Please reach out by email to