Can I bring my kids?

Can I bring my kids?

Yes, PLEASE do so! Bike and me-mover tours are much more kid friendly than bus and boat tours.

Our bikes are suitable from around 12 years of age. Please let us know if we need to provide bikes or bike seats for smaller kids.

The Me-Mover is in fact very easy to learn and ride for big and semi-big children (from around 12 years of age – often even younger). Actually even small kids are able to ride it, but they can’t keep up on a normal tour.

Alternatively with kids as small as 7-8 years  we can arrange a private tour just for you to go in a slow speed and on an even more child friendly route.

Or you can bring one or two smaller kids in the classical Christiania cargo bike.

BUT (important!): since we don’t know your kids and their skills in traffic, they will ALWAYS join on the responsibility and supervision of their parents.